Poems And Notes From Sheena Rose (because Island Girls are not a monolith)...

Her Pum (vagina) was all over the island #Power


Sheena Rose 1.jpg

The Blackest Black

I am a black woman

I want to draw blackness

I want to draw it so black, I become a magical mist.

Diamond dust.

I think the darkest black is beautiful

Black absorb and draws you in.

It’s beautiful and magical



You don’t like when people stare at you

You look away

I smile and become a teaser

and stare back

But you look away

And avoid

You thought you had it in control

But actually,

No, you don’t



I grow flowers

I grow plants

I grow flowers inside my pants

So why do I feel like Fungus?


Sheena Rose 2.JPG


Why do you hide behind the bush?

… I see everything and no ones knows I’m there

Well I know

Plus, I am a monster

Don’t worry, I am a monster too


Sheena Rose 3.JPG


He is not the problem

I am…

I am the one to forget

I am the one to move on

I am the one with the problem

Come on now

We have to admit these things

I am the one looking for answer from him

He is not the answer

So therefore this problem will never be solved


The Coldest

This is the Cold Bitch…

She is my protector

She protects me from a broken heart

And distracted minds

She can become so cold it really surprised people at times

She can become so cold she even forgets who you are…

The Cold Bitch…


A Woman

A bitter woman,

A sore woman

A sweet woman,

A loving woman,

A giving woman,

A thoughtful woman

Did I say a giving woman?

Then a bitter woman

A sore woman

A sorrow woman

An angry woman

A woman that would kill you

A woman that would love you


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The discovery, body, spirituality, muscle, describing space, inner, internal, silent, quiet, watching, observing, details, blast off, love, lonely, lonely, loner, satisfied, travel, creatures, myself, ancestor, movement, awkward, beauty, ugly, love, love again, angry, stillness, opportunity, frustration, settle, fear, sky, limitation – Random Thoughts










Sheena Rose 5.JPG

Look at me!

Black Woman

The stares

The gaze

The entertain

And breathe

And breathe

Breathe I told myself

I am a woman

A black woman

The eyes

The ears

The mouth

The stares


Breathe, breathe, breathe

I am an artist

I am an astronaut

I am a woman

I am a black woman

I am an island

Breathe, just breathe

Breathe, just breathe

(Full stop)

Penis Envy


Gender Rules



And smile

Island Smile

The moon

The stars

The sky


I am here

Like a soap opera


What Pressure?

The pressure

The different pressure

Are they slightly lighter or easier than the other?

One is to be hard and tough

and the other is soft and delicate





Who say

What say

They say

They all say

They all say shit

The End


Sheena Rose 6.JPG

My Home

Beautiful but bitter

Beautiful but pointless

What is the point of a beautiful flower?

Does it add to the space?

What does it do to you?

Is it functional?

I am beautiful but bitter

I am gorgeous

I am great

But do I have a purpose?

Am I decorative?

Breathe and smell that

Beautiful flower




When the sunrise

I rise too

That beautiful sky

The warm glorious sky…

The wind, The colors

The smell of the breeze

The Conversation I overheard

The Smiling Faces

Couple arguing

I just stand there and watch

Everyday we raise when that beautiful sun rises up

And go to sleep when the sunset turns to night

Chantal Miller