igr podcast

Produced by the good folks over at We Are Unedited our podcast shines the light on some cool Caribbean women doing thangs across the globe. Filled with light bulb moments, inspiration, a few tears and lots of laughter our podcast is one of the brightest gems in our IGR crown (well, we think it is!!) ;-)


Chill and create

- Carolyne Hill (Jamaica)

On this month's episode, Chantal was joined by brand specialist and founder of Chill Create, Carolyne Hill. It's a great chat about channeling creativity, the frustration of dealing with school career advisors and more.


Cheese on bread!

- Pamela R Haynes (Barbados)

We're back to Barbados for another episode! This time around, Chantal was joined by author of 'Loving the Brothers' Pamela R Haynes.This was a great chat about the importance of documenting our stories, domestic abuse in the Caribbean and more.


For the love of books - Samantha Williams (Barbados)

Samantha founded Book Love when it became apparent that her children were reading books at school that didn't reflect their heritage.

In this conversation, she talks to Chantal about the invaluable 9 years she spent in Barbados, and why representation means so much to her.


From J-O-B to J-O-Y - Nadine McNeil (Jamaica) 

On this month's episode Chantal had the pleasure of speaking to yogini, humanitarian and Universal Empress, Nadine McNeil. The two talked about Nadine's journey from Jamaica to Bali, the importance of self care for those who heal others and so much more.


To de bone! - Keisha Des Vignes (Trinidad & Tobago)

Keisha left Trinidad and come to England, and became one of the most sought-after women at Carnival. In conversation with Chantal Miller, Keisha Des Vignes describes herself as a 'woman of colours', and uses her science background to bring extra flare to her hair and make-up artistry.


How to make sh*t happen! - Sherry Ann Dixon (Guyana)

It's the season 2 finale! What better way to end it than to have Chantal sit down with one of her idols. Sherry Ann Dixon is a multi award winning speaker, journalist and lecturer. Repping Guyana, Sherry is an absolute TRAILBLAZER in the world of black hair and beauty. She gets things done.


Calabash in the house? - Lisa Anderson (Jamaica)

For this month's episode, Chantal caught up with curator and founder of Black British Art, Lisa Anderson. Lisa talked about her love of art, how her Jamaican roots have influenced her creativity, and her spiritual experience at Jamaica's Calabash Festival.


Caribbean Fairytales - Fiona Compton (St Lucia) 

On this month's episode, Chantal was joined by artist, filmmaker and historian Fiona Compton. It's a great conversation about Black history and fairytales. If you've ever wanted to know how to link the Haitian Revolution to the Wizard of Oz, tune in!


The big 'C' with a smile - Lea Parris-Cambridge (Nevis) 

For this very special episode, Chantal is joined by her cousin Lea Parris-Cambridge.

Lea talks about how her faith helped her through Cancer THREE times, her journey to veganism, and how outstanding treatment via the NHS compelled her to help those with Cancer on her beloved island of Nevis.


After the hurricane - Shelly Pestaina (Dominica)

Shelly, a graphic designer, joins Chantal to talk about her beloved Dominica, how she felt seeing the devastation after hurricane Maria and what she did to help.

Island Girls Rock is back for season 2, with more amazing women from the Caribbean and it's diaspora, talking about what their island means to them.